Frequently asked questions

Why a grammar school and not any technical school?

  • Because the IT area needs people with general knowledge
  • Because the technical schools are subjected to a different Educational Program and state educational standards and they are focused primarily on technical education plus, these schools accentuate hard hardware skills. We want to focus on software and soft skills in communication, information literacy across disciplines and to use technologies across areas
  • Because girls usually don't want to go to technical schools

What will the admission procedure look like?

  • The admission procedure will consist of two parts. The first part will include standardized Cermat tests, which are compulsory for all schools in the Czech Republic. The second part of the entrance examination will be purely in our school and will consist of our own prepared test and a personal interview. The school part of the entrance exam will be focused on recognizing the child's personality, his or her motivation and finding out his / her current computer science level (not any knowledge testing, only for our overview in order to set up the initial curriculum correctly) 

  • Our individual approach begins with the admission procedure, we want to meet each candidate in person. We want to know what conditions he is based on, what influences him, what ideas he has and why he chose our school.

How do you prepare your teaching staff?

  • We are looking for people based on our contacts from the commercial and academic sphere. We are looking for people motivated and enthusiastic to teach meaningfully. We are ready to create a unique work environment for them and evaluate them well too.

How do you rate it? Do you have any marks? 

  • We evaluate students constantly; however, they must not know it, it's like at work, no one will tell you there, I evaluate you today, I'll test you / I'll give you a test and based on it I'll form an opinion about you / set your salary accordingly etc. It is the same with us, we know very well how who works, what approach he has and how he tries his best, so it is not a problem for us to evaluate individually man's work. 
  • We do the formative evaluation, based on secure feedback on specific abilities, skills, progress... The goal is to motivate students to personal growth; Formative evaluation has nothing to do with the so-called summative evaluation, e.g. marks. Formative evaluation should not do any comparison or measurement of performance, it should simply help you to improve yourself.
  • Summative assessment (marks) however can be useful as well as it informs the individual how they stand on that imaginary scale and whether, for example, they are competitive in a field of their interest in the future. So we have both on the report card - marks and formative evaluation, serving as useful and practical feedback with the ambition to pass on tips to the student on what he can work and how to grow.