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A four-year private high school focused on technology and information literacy

Why study with us?

Our vision

A completely unique school curriculum and curriculum for modern 21st century education.

  • Educational areas instead of subjects

  • Critical thinking

  • Development of personality and talent

  • Freedom and personal responsibility

  • Working with technologies, tracking digital trends

  • Programming and analytical skills, connection to IT practice

  • English as a common part of school life

  • Meaningful teaching of Humanities

  • Communication, social skills, teamwork

  • Emphasis on sports activities

Nerds in IT? No longer true!

IT, like all other progressive disciplines, needs people who are not only professionally competent, but also creative, socially capable, able to communicate and work in a team.

Our school has more ambition than just teaching IT on an extended scale, or being a common/usual preparation for further technical studies at university. Our school also does not only want to educate ready-made programmers (unlike what our name may suggest); although our graduates certainly are likely to be able to find such jobs immediately.

The word IT in the name of the school wants to say that we intend to use technology wherever it is natural and where it is suitable for work and learning, we want to implement computer literacy into other subjects, not just ICT. We are preparing an educational program tailored to these needs.

We connect educational areas so that we teach material in context and create a broader understanding rather than teach topics independently of one another. We apply a wide range of teaching methods, approaches and tools. We place emphasis on teamwork and efficient communication. The teacher and their personality will be a key component in our approach.

Our graduates should be people who are able to think independently, know their strengths and qualities, who decide responsibly, are open and positive but also critical to everything they encounter in life. People with a need for lifelong learning. Someone who has an overview of technology and digital trends.

Someone with a view to the cultural, economic and social spheres. A personality with a tendency to create values ​​and opportunities not only for themselves but also for others.

We welcome and encourage girls to join our grammar school. The IT industry is no longer a major domain of men, the presence of women is very beneficial and useful, plus, as it is well known, the first programmer was a woman. We believe that a mixed collective generally leads not only to more natural and healthier relationships, but also to improved working results.

We invest our time in sport and we support physical activities of our students. We want to literally break the myth of IT people as lazy and non-sporty types, and we know that this may be a challenge. We use our large outdoor space for these purposes. We think that regular physical movement is not only part of a healthy lifestyle, but also positively affects human mental performance.

How it all started...