The place where you can really grow

1. IT Gymnázium - 4-year private high school

We are focused on digital literacy and well-being

We are preparing accreditation for a multi-year gymnasium with the possibility of studying from 2024/2025

  • We will teach you how to use digital technologies whether you want to be a doctor, lawyer or programmer
  • We will get the most out of you because you will feel good
  • You will experience teamwork and real projects for real companies
  • You will be taught by people from practice
  • We will teach you how to keep fit

Nerds in IT? No longer true!

It's not that the world needs IT people, all people today need IT or digital skills. Find out more about studying with us.

We connect educational areas

We teach in context and create our own unique curriculum

We are teachers and specialists in one

We are experts in various fields. We provide students with consistent knowledge and skills that are in high demand in today's job market.

Our graduates

We lead our students to be open and positive but also critical to everything they encounter in life. We support them to recognize their strengths and qualities, to think independently, to make responsible decisions, to continuously learn throughout their lives. Thanks to the technical IT skills we teach them, we give them the chance to further study or combine work and study so that they are financially independent from their parents.

We support girls

We welcome girls and encourage them in technical skills. We believe that a mixed team generally leads not only to more natural and healthy relationships, but also to improved work results.

We do sports

We invest our time in sport and we support physical activities of our students. We want to literally break the myth of IT people as lazy and non-sporty types, and we know that this may be a challenge. We use our large outdoor space for these purposes. We think that regular physical movement is not only part of a healthy lifestyle, but also positively affects human mental performance.