Why to choose 1. ITG

A four-year private high school focused on technology and information literacy

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With us you are always free to ask: What is it good for? How can I use it? Why am I learning this?

  • You will be taught by educated people coming from practice

  • No one will tell you what to do, on the contrary, you will be asked, even forced, to think

  • We will help you to find your personality and such a way of working that suits you the best

  • You will be physically active because we will make you move

  • We have a tuition fee, discuss it with your parents  

As our graduate you will immediately be able to:

  1. Choose from many job opportunities that are highly paid

  2. Go on studying at any university

  3. Combine both - you will be both financially independent and free in your next study or life choice as well

For parents

  • The tuition fee amounts to CZK 105,000 per year. This amount of money may seem high, but not if you compare it to the monthly income of a programmer or analyst that your child will become after graduating from our school
  • We have decided to build up this school because we think that there is no such a type of school and it is missing here. We consider as ineffective that most grammar schools are still focused on studying the great amount of outdated facts and information and that is unusable in our practical life
  • We come from various backgrounds, from the commercial sector, from practice, with experience from abroad, from multinational corporations, from government agencies, but we have stayed being teachers who have pedagogical education (though, honestly, our system had not supported us in any way and that was the reason we went to other branches after university). We have rich experience in setting up and starting our own company and in managing employees in the way so that they are satisfied and thus in their work more efficient. We have our own families and children. We also have hobbies but most of all we are eager to make a secondary school that makes sense
  • Technologies are all around us and are going to grow. People have two options, either to be afraid of them or to ignore them, or to try to understand and use these technologies. The first ones will stay passive and will be controlled and they will need someone else to tell them what to think and what to do. We think being active is the better choice

For teachers and our future colleagues

  • You have a unique opportunity to become a part of a team that prepares a secondary school curriculum for the 21st century.
  • We will look for experts continuously as the school will grow. We will also cooperate with people from practice. 
  • We welcome creativity and people who really want to teach with enthusiasm and want to work in a team.
  • With us you can grow as person, professionally and technically.
  • We like fun and humor and we do believe that the teacher should be above all a personality that inspires by his own approach and attitude.
  • We are fully aware of the fact that people in education system, like teachers, should be properly evaluated and paid.