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Entrance exams 2024

Dates of Cermat tests:

  • 1. term: Friday, April, 12, 2024
  • 2. term: Monday, April 15, 2024

Dates of the school entrance exam:

  • 1. term: Wed, April, 10, 2024
  • 2. term: Thu, April 11, 2024

We accept 40 pupils who will be divided into two classes. We give 60% weight to the Cermat tests, 40% weight to the school exam. 

For more information, including details about submitting an application, follow Cermat's website. 

We do not need a doctor's certificate. The field of education is: 79-41-K/41.

School exam - what to expect

Applicants are invited to school at 8:30. They work in groups and individually, it includes filling out a questionnaire on our school laptops and a personal interview with the teachers and the school principal. The aim is to create the atmosphere of an ordinary day and to assess the abilities and skills of applicants in a natural, informal way. 

In previous years, we have assessed the following criteria, which have proven themselves, so we will take them into account this year as well. 

  • logical thinking 
  • basic user skills and the ability to search the Internet
  • independence and the ability to deal with the unknown 
  • level of expression in written and spoken speech - Czech and English
  • motivation to study at the 1. ITG
  • personal interests and overall approach to life

We recommend all applicants to come and see the classes. Parents are invited to the Open Days.