Entrance exam

A four-year grammar school

In accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, of 30.11. 2020 "each school director is free to decide whether or not to apply a single entrance examination in the admission procedure." 

We are therefore announcing that the director of the school 1. IT Gymnázium, Markéta Fibigerová, has decided NOT to APPLY the uniform entrance examination (also known as Cermat tests) and there is to be organized the entrance examination as a purely school examination..

  • 1st due date - May 5,  2021
  • 2nd due date - May 6, 2021

The test will be performed as follows:

Applicants will be invited to our school at 8:30. They will work in groups (with respect to current government regulations regarding Covid 19), individually, and will fill a questionnaire on our school laptops and will proceed an individual interview then. The aim is to evoke the atmosphere of a normal day and to assess the abilities and skills of the candidates in a natural informal way.

Last year, we assessed the below-mentioned criteria, proven as very good ones, thus we will take them into account this year as well.

The total number of points you can get is 1001 points. 

  1. 200 points - overall performance
  2. 100 points - motivation to study
  3. 100 points -independence
  4. 100 points - communicativeness
  5. 100 points - basic user skills
  6. 100 points - creativity and the ability to deal with the unknown
  7. 100 points - level of expression in written and spoken speech
  8. 100 points - level of spoken English
  9. 100 points - personal interests, study interests, general approach to life - active/passive
  10. 1 point - your school report from January 2021 from the primary school

Into the first grade, we accept 40 students, who are divided into two classes.

We recommend all applicants and their parents to contact us in advance, we want to meet those interested ones in our school individually.

At our school, tuition is paid -  CZK 100,000 per year, details are available to read in the Frequently Asked Questions section.