We are IT experts and teachers in one, we are a team!

We have 20 years of experience in information systems development, IT management, and people management. We have degrees in pedagogy and direct pedagogical experience in both public and private schools. We are looking for courageous and creative colleagues who would like to join our team.

We want to combine our experience in the commercial IT sphere and Czech school practices to create a new concept of grammar school education, to meet the needs of the modern world.

Mgr. Markéta Fibigerová

School Owner and Director, Teacher of informatics and humanities

Graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University, majoring in Teacher Training for 2nd and 3rd Grade in Czech Language and History.

During her studies in humanities she began to devote herself to programming and technical analysis and happen to be a key member of 1. PF, s.r.o. focused on software development and delivery of IT solutions and services that have been on the market for more than twenty years.

In her spare time, she enjoys climbing, alpine hiking, and alpine skiing (instructor level). She has two children, aged 10 and 13.


Mgr. Markéta Tuhá

School Operations Manager, Teacher of humanities

Markéta graduated from the Faculty of Education in Ústí nad Labem, specializing in Primary School Teacher Training.

She worked as a teacher, Headmaster of an elementary school, Methodologist, and she participated in the development of innovative projects for schools. She is currently managing her own company, Gusto Energy, whose main activity is the manufacture of technological switchboards.

She likes traveling in her free time, especially in the form of caravanism. She has two children aged 17 and 19 years.


Mgr. Radka Čapková

Teacher of humanities and foreign languages

Radka graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University, majoring in Teaching for the 2nd and 3rd Grade: Czech Language and History and completed state exams in English and Spanish.

Starting as a teacher, she later found herself working for Interpol and then for the Criminal Police in Prague, where she dealt with the international search for missing children and wanted people.

Now she has decided to join a team of like-minded, creative and active people to build a new school.

"School should primarily be a guide for pupils in the modern-day flood of data, ever-changing rules and exceptions, and to teach everything with integrity and causality, and what is needed and useful for today's world and real life."

She has two children aged 10 and 13. In her free time she enjoys sports, traveling, or doing handstands in bars or baking cakes at home.


Mgr. Petr Matyáš

Teacher of informatics, mathematics and science

Petr graduated from the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University in Brno, majoring in Informatics. After his studies, he worked at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University. Immediately, after the founding of the Faculty of Information Technology there, he became an assistant professor at that new arisen faculty. He gained valuable experience in creating the content and study materials of the subjects that he was teaching at the Faculty. In addition, he was working as a software project manager for three years. Since he enjoys educating and working with children and youth very much, he has currently been active as a high school teacher too.

His family is the biggest hobby of his, together with an association called "Opři se" that he founded with other volunteers. Its aim is to help children from children's homes to integrate into society, organize mainly motion-oriented activities for them, offer tutoring and try to support them after leaving home. Petr likes cycling, hiking, skiing, he likes good music and theater. He has two children aged 6 and 10 years.


Bc. Ladislav Kožej

Teacher of informatics

He studied Applied Informatics at University in Ústí nad Labem. During his studies, he started to work as a programmer and teach computer science subjects in a secondary school.

He got into programming because he always wanted to create games. However, later on he has been developing web applications for various companies. Besides programming, he enjoys sharing his experience and helping students orient themselves in today's technologies.

He likes running, jogging and doing pull ups. He loves science fiction. Sometimes he plays both board games and PC games


Gheslaine Birkenberger

Native US speaker, music teacher and tandem teacher 

Gheslaine is a recent graduate from Central Connecticut State University where she earned her degree in History and a certification in Elementary Education, specializing in grades 1-6.

Originally from the United States, Gheslaine has a strong passion for education which started as a child when she would regularly create "lessons" for her own classroom teachers to incorporate into her class. Growing up she was heavily influenced by music and was classically trained with a focus in opera for several years, even considering it as a possible career option at one point. She eventually decided to focus on elementary education all while maintaining her love of singing, through her involvement in multiple choirs and singing groups during her time in college. While in the US she worked as a classroom teacher before eventually deciding to travel to Prague to pursue her lifelong dream of teaching.

In her free time, she likes to explore the historic corners of Prague, watch horror movies, sing and face-time her cat back home in America.


Bc. Monika Píchová, Dis

Teacher of physical education, art education and tandem teacher

She graduated from the Palestra College of Physical Education and Sport, majoring in Sports and Leisure Education, and also the College of Pedagogy, Preschool Teacher and Art Instructor for Children and Youth. During her studies she started to teach in kindergarten. She has extended her teaching activities by a foreign stay in the UK focused on CLIL pedagogical approach. She completed a state exam in English. She has also started to work as a trainer of children's athletics in AC Líbeznice, and she is still working there. Moreover, she goes in for the art - teaching of children, youth and adults. She considers working with children and youth to be a unique way of personal mutual growth, motivation and inspiration.

In her free time Monika likes painting pictures, going out to the countryside and mountains and listening to music. She enjoys cycling, jogging, climbing and spending time with friends and watching good movies. She has two children at the age of 15 and 11 years.


Ing. Bohdana Holá

Demographer, statistician and data analyst, and let's say "master of overlaps and contexts" on the top of that

She graduated from the University of Economics, majoring in Statistical and Insurance Engineering and Economic Demography, with a minor specialization in Social and Economic Data Analysis. She has a CAE in English too.

In her professional working life she has depicted a dramatic arc from: starting at the state administration (Czech Statistical Office) over the commercial sphere (Marketing surveys and CRM in a bank) and ending as a freelance data analyst, financial advisor and diving instructor.

She has been constantly involved in teaching and passing on different types of information. She considers demography to be a frontier field that evolves our world-view in an overall context. Thanks to the processing of large volumes of data, not only does she have an excellent material for research and her own professional development (she also writes professional articles), but this optic of seeing the world suits her personally as well. In her free time she enjoys diving and photography.


Adéla Tuhá

Student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, majoring in Cybernetics and Robotics

At the 1. IT Gymnazium, Adela participates in the preparation of the technical curriculum and she is involved into the team as a tandem teacher.

Every summer she goes as a program leader to children's camps that are focused on teaching English education. She holds a CAE certificate of the C2 level.

She likes to spend her free time with her friends and she is also an enthusiastic self-taught ukulele player.


Tomáš Jedlička

Student of the Faculty of Chemical Technology at the Institute of Chemical Technology, majoring in Chemistry and Chemical Technology

At the 1. IT Gymnazium, Tomas participates in the preparation of the science curriculum and he is involved into the team as a tandem teacher.

He has a DSD II certificate in German of the C1 level.

Tomáš is a great enthusiast of motorsport and technology, he cooperates with the eForce team at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University. This team develops electrical formulas within the Formula Student competition. In his free time he enjoys listening to music and getting lost in thoughts about the immortality of a may-bug. He also likes to meet friends and take various trips outdoors with them. Occasionally he goes in for sports activities, especially ice-hockey and tennis.


Bc. Pavel Krulec

Co-creator of the IT curriculum 

Pavel studies software engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Prague.

He has been a fan of the IT world since his childhood. He taught children to program games and robots at grammar school and became the author of the LEGO Mindstorms exercise book. He loves solving technical challenges and problems. Together with his team he won several international hackathons, where he tried working on many interesting projects. 

He believes that a new skill is best learned through practice, experimentation and reading error messages. Relaxing for him means cycling and climbing.