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We have 20 years of experience in information systems development, IT management, and people management. We have degrees in pedagogy and direct pedagogical experience in both public and private schools. We are looking for courageous and creative colleagues who would like to join our team.

Mgr. Markéta Fibigerová

Founder and Director of the schoolTeacher of informatics and sport

Interviews and podcasts  

Graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University, majoring in Teacher Training for 2nd and 3rd Grade in Czech Language and History.

During her studies in humanities she learned programming and devoted herself not only to the development of applications and systems, but also to managing people in the IT family company 1. PF. Experience from the commercial sphere and working with people led her to found a secondary school focused on digital skills, information literacy and understanding of the contemporary world. In 2021, the Czech press (Hospodářské noviny and CzechCrunch) selected her among the 20 most innovative personalities in the Czech Republic in 2020

She traveled to countries such as Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Tanzania, India, China, Iran or Israel. In her free time, she is engaged in mountain climbing, skiing and ski mountaineering, she is also licensed as an instructor. She writes articles about the mountains and the blog about the school aktualne.cz/blogy/marketa-fibigerova. She has two children, aged 14 and 17.   

marketa.fibigerova@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: tuesday 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Mgr. Markéta Tuhá

Founder and Deputy Director of the school, Teacher of humanities, Educational Consultant

Markéta graduated from the Faculty of Education in Ústí nad Labem, majoring in Primary Education. She worked for 8 years as a primary school teacher. She then exchanged active teaching for work of a methodologist and an education trainer and participated in the development of innovative projects for schools. She also founded her own business in a completely different field of design and production of technological switchboards, automation of industrial machines and the implementation of IoT technology https://www.gusto-energy.cz/.

The impulse for her return to the teaching profession was the cooperation with the network of private primary schools https://www.zsheureka.cz/, where she worked for several years as the principal of a primary school. She was at the birth of the 1st IT Gymnázium (Grammar School) and participates in it's management, ensuring mainly administrative matters and the smooth operation of the school.

Since 2014, she has been cooperating with the AFS organisation https://www.afs.cz/ . She and her family welcomed students from Chile, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Hungary into their home as a host family, each student for 3-10 months. She has two children aged 21 and 24.

marketa.tuha@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: tuesday 4 - 5 pm

Mgr. Radka Čapková

Teacher of humanities and foreign languages

Radka graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University, majoring in Teaching for the 2nd and 3rd Grade: Czech Language and History and completed state exams in English and Spanish.

Starting as a teacher, she later found herself working for Interpol and then for the Criminal Police in Prague, where she dealt with the international search for missing children and wanted persons and fugitives.

She has just simply decided to join a team of like-minded, creative and active people to build a new school that meets her vision of education. 

"School should primarily be a guide for pupils in the modern-day flood of data, ever-changing rules and exceptions, and to teach everything with integrity and causality, and what is needed and useful for today's world and real life."

radka.capkova@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: thursday 1 - 2 pm 

Mgr. Petr Matyáš

Teacher of informatics, mathematics and science

Petr graduated from the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University in Brno, majoring in Informatics. After his studies, he worked at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University. Immediately, after the founding of the Faculty of Information Technology there, he became an assistant professor at that new arisen faculty. He gained valuable experience in creating the content and study materials of the subjects that he was teaching at the Faculty. In addition, he was working as a software project manager for three years. Since he enjoys educating and working with children and youth very much, he has currently been active as a high school teacher too.

His family is the biggest hobby of his, together with an association called Opři se that he founded with other volunteers. Its aim is to help children from children's homes to integrate into society, organize mainly motion-oriented activities for them, offer tutoring and try to support them after leaving home. Petr likes cycling, hiking, skiing, he likes good music and theater. He has two children aged 9 and 13 years.

petr.matyas@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: monday 11:05 am - 11:50 am 

Bc. Ladislav Kožej

Teacher of informatics

He studied Applied Informatics at University in Ústí nad Labem. During his studies, he started to work as a programmer and teach computer science subjects in a secondary school.

He got into programming because he always wanted to create games. However, later on he has been developing web applications for various companies. Besides programming, he enjoys sharing his experience and helping students orient themselves in today's technologies.

He likes running, jogging and doing pull ups. He loves science fiction. Sometimes he plays both board games and PC games

ladislav.kozej@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: thursday 10 - 11 am 

Gheslaine Birkenberger

Teacher of English, native US speaker, music teacher and tandem teacher 

Gheslaine is a recent graduate from Central Connecticut State University where she earned her degree in History and a certification in Elementary Education, specializing in grades 1-6.

Originally from the United States, Gheslaine has a strong passion for education which started as a child when she would regularly create "lessons" for her own classroom teachers to incorporate into her class. Growing up she was heavily influenced by music and was classically trained with a focus in opera for several years, even considering it as a possible career option at one point. She eventually decided to focus on elementary education all while maintaining her love of singing, through her involvement in multiple choirs and singing groups during her time in college. While in the US she worked as a classroom teacher before eventually deciding to travel to Prague to pursue her lifelong dream of teaching.

In her free time, she likes to explore the historic corners of Prague, watch horror movies, sing and face-time her cat back home in America.

ghes.birkenberger@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: monday 9 - 10 am

Bc. Monika Píchová, Dis

Teacher of physical education, art education and tandem teacher

She graduated from the Palestra College of Physical Education and Sport, majoring in Sports and Leisure Education, and also the College of Pedagogy, Preschool Teacher and Art Instructor for Children and Youth. During her studies she started to teach in kindergarten. She has extended her teaching activities by a foreign stay in the UK focused on CLIL pedagogical approach. She completed a state exam in English. She has also started to work as a trainer of children's athletics in AC Líbeznice, and she is still working there. Moreover, she goes in for the art - teaching of children, youth and adults. She considers working with children and youth to be a unique way of personal mutual growth, motivation and inspiration.

In her free time Monika likes painting pictures, going out to the countryside and mountains and listening to music. She enjoys cycling, jogging, climbing and spending time with friends and watching good movies. She has two children at the age of 14 and 18 years.

monika.pichova@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: wednesday 1 - 2 pm  

Mgr. Jitka Matyášová

Teacher of humanities, tandem teacher

Jitka graduates from the Faculty of Education at Charles University, majoring in Teaching for the 2nd and 3rd Grade: Czech Language and History. While studying at University, she took an Antiques course, did guiding at a medieval castle, worked for a restoration company or did proofreadig. Then she started to work in the archives of the Security Forces Archive and she tried to show pupils and students of all grades schools that the archive is not only a series of shelves with old papers in boxes, but a living history through educational programs and excursions as well. Jitka also coopereates with the IT department on projects and programs that make it easier for researchers to study digitized archives.

In her free time she still reads all kinds of books, she likes cultural life of the city, city architecture, galleries, clubs and cafes. Simultaneously, she enjoys to spend time in the peacefullness of countryside. She likes mountains and skiing. 

She is convinced that it is not necessary to remember every fact or nonsense, but to be able to find the appropriate fact and give it the appropriate weight and put it in a social context. "What really matters, is not to confuse facts with opinions, not to stop searching the facts, not to stop thinking about them and interpreting them."

jitka.matyasova@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: monday 3 pm - 4:15 pm - even week (or other time by arrangement)

Ing. Daniel Kopecký

Teacher of science and informatics

Daniel graduated from the University of Chemical Technology in the field of Technology of Organic Substances and Chemical Specialties. He is a co-author of two technologies - formic acid production technology and technology for the production of diesel additive.

Daniel worked as a chemical designer at Casaleproject a.s., where he designed nitric acid production, then at Zentiva a.s., where he was responsible for solving a complex project for the production of a drug for oncological diseases.

Within his studies and early stages of his career, he learned programming. He encountered several programming languages ​like Maple, Matlab, Visual Basic, C, Javascript and Python. Python has fascinated Daniel the most and so he started to work as a developer for the National Repository web application in the consortium of state institutions of the National Technical Library, the University of Chemical Technology and the Cesnet Association.

Daniel enjoys exploring the world and exploring how things work around it. He has dediced to teach because he believes that the way to a better society leads through meaningful education.

In his free time, he enjoys sports, having fun with friends, playing board games or reading popular science literature.

daniel.kopecky@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: tuesday 12:30 - 1 pm

Marek Valášek

Teacher of Math

Well-known Matematicator, popular youtuber and Zlatý Amos 2022 (the most popular teacher in the Czech Republic for the school year 2021/22).

He has been teaching since 2000 and helps people understand mathematics, physics and statistics. It also prepares students for entrance exams to all types of high schools and universities.

His math videos on Youtube have millions of views, the channel itself has over 80,000 subscribers, and math courses on LearnTube are also celebrating success.

He studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University.

marek.valasek@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: monday 12 - 1 pm

Dominik Obruča

Teacher of humanities

Studied Sociology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, and International Development Studies at the Faculty of Science, Palacky Universit Olomouc. He enjoys discovering foreign cultures and hiking in the mountains. He has visited a number of countries with his backpack. At the age of seventeen, he left for the United States for a year, where he studied local High School. During his university studies, he spent three months in Pune, India, where he conducted research focused on internal migration in India. He spent one semester in Turin, Italy, and completed an internship in Bratislava, Slovakia. During the refugee crisis in 2015-2016 he volunteered for humanitarian aid in the Balkans and Greece. He described this experience in documentary prose "Berkasovo."

He has published a number of articles about traveling and development, essays, short stories or absurd dramas. He also published a collection of poems. Dominik likes to take photos on his travels, and for several years he has been devoting himself to a series of experimental photos "The World in Reflections." Samples of his literary and photographic work can be found at www.dominikobruca.eu.

He has been a member of the Scout organization since he was ten. For several years he was involved in the leadership of a boy Scout troop. He is inspired by ecumenical initiatives, such as the Taizé community or an artistic group Karavana. He is not a friend of memorizing long lists of information, he prefers analytical skills and critical thinking.

dominik.obruca@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: monday 2 - 3 pm

Štěpán Bechynský

Teacher of Informatics

Microsoft Certified Trainer with approval for eleven courses with more than twenty years of experience in adult education in IT. 

He wrote the first code in 1986 on the IQ151 in the Basic language. He has been teaching adults in the IT field for more than twenty years. He started with technologies like MS DOS and Windows 3.1. He  works at Microsoft as a customer trainer. He is also a long-time volunteer lecturer at Czechitas.

 His love for cooking took him so far that he trained as a chef a few years ago. In addition to his family, he also cooks at community IT events, where he also lectures. And yes, he also cooked for school students.


Ing. Milada Klubalová, Ph.D

Co-creator of the Humanities, lecturing on topics in the areas of finance and financial literacy

She graduated in Finance and has spent her entire twenty-year career in banking. She currently works as a Chief Operating Officer at the Czech branch of the corporate bank HSBC in Prague.In the past she was also leading, among other things, Risk Management at the Czech branch of Credit Agricole. Part of her work consists of the preparation of crisis scenarios and she always wants to have a backup plan (preferably several plans) for everything.

She is actively involved in mentoring, personal development with emphasis on mental health and work-life balance. She spends her free time actively in the mountains or by the river with her husband and children (10 and 13 years old), usually in the company of good friends.


Zuzana Vedej, DiS

Teacher's assistant, physical education teacher, back office assistant

She graduated from the Palestra University of Physical Education and Sport, majoring in Physical Education and Sport Management. During her parental leave she also completed a one-year training program in the field of Nutrition Specialist. She continues her education in the field of sports, most recently obtained a certificate as a physical education instructor and trained as a TRX or CROSSFIT instructor. In addition to sports, she has worked professionally with customers, corporate training with a focus on expertise and communication skills.

For Zuzana, sport is not only a job, but above all a hobby and a lifestyle. She can pass on the joy of movement to children and adults alike. She has a large family, relaxes by listening to music.


Mgr. Eva Kotlánová, Ph.D.

Teacher of Science

She graduated from the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University in Brno, majoring in Zoology. After her studies, she worked at the Department of Nature Protection at the Directorate of the State Environmental Inspectorate, where she was in charge of species protection and GMOs. She also worked at the State Environmental Fund, where she provided advice on subsidies. Subsequently, she graduated from the "Učitel naživo" program, which focuses on the training of future teachers. After completing these programs, she taught at the primary school in Zeleneč.

eva.kotlanova@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: thursday 11 - 12 am

Mgr. Jan Brožek

Teacher of physical education

He has always loved sports and traveling, so after grammar school he decided that his alma mater would be Charles University - Faculties of Physical Education and Sports (FTVS) and Faculty of Science (PřF). He is a skiing, snowboarding and fitness instructor. He believes that the best thing that can happen to you in your professional life is to do what you love. He comes from Most in North Bohemia. He moved to Prague to study. He played in the 2nd football league and traveled almost all over the world. He wants students to look forward to his classes and experience the feeling of learning new things.


Adéla Tuhá

Student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, majoring in Cybernetics and Robotics

At the 1. IT Gymnazium, Adela participates in the preparation of the technical curriculum and she is involved into the team as a tandem teacher.

Every summer she goes as a program leader to children's camps that are focused on teaching English education. She holds a CAE certificate of the C2 level.

She likes to spend her free time with her friends and she is also an enthusiastic self-taught ukulele player.

adela.tuha@itgymnazium.cz, tuesday and wednesday 3 - 4 pm.

Lukáš K.

Cybersecurity expert

Lukáš comes to us from practice. He deals with cyberspace investigations, cyber attacks and IT forensics. He has ten years of experience in this field. As part of informatics, he prepares topics related to cyber security, his classes are very practical and illustrative. 

Mgr. Martin Brummer

School Psychologist, Teacher of Vuelta

He graduated from psychology at Charles University, Department of education. During his studies he worked as a specialist of primary prevention with students at schools (under supervision of Prevalis and Christian pedagogical - psychological counselling centre). For five years he worked as a psychologist in a pedagogical- psychological counselling centre of central Bohemia. He specialized in diagnosing, counselling and interventions with children with educational problems. He is the PhD candidate of psychology at Charles university where he teaches, leads student thesis and publishes papers. Also, next to many smaller courses focused on psychology and education, he finished the course of crisis intervention (Lektor4u - 150 hours), and currently finishes the course for psychologists in healthcare (Charles University, Department of philosophy – 270 hours).

In the field of psychology, he is most interested in psychobiography and evolutionary psychology. He enjoys reading comic fantasy and science fiction books, walking in the nature and playing board games and miniatures games with his friends. For more than eight years he is interested in canne de combat – fencing with a walking stick. He loves Italy, its culture, people and nature, especially around cities of Padova and Verona, where he was studying and working for a few months and where he returns with joy.

martin.brummer@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: monday 8:30 - 10 am

Mgr. Katarína Ballová

Teacher of Sicence

She graduated from the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. After graduation, her career developed in the field of chemistry and pharmacy, which she devoted herself to for almost 15 years. Already during her work in pharmacy, she began to devote herself to teaching activities. She supplemented her expertise by passing the Authorized Exam for the professional qualification Lecturer in Further Education. Subsequently, she graduated from the University of Prague - Faculty of Education, majoring in chemistry for secondary schools.

Her interest in science and education led her to decide to move completely from pharmacy to the field of education. Since 2015, she has been working as a physics and chemistry teacher and tries to lead her students to an inquisitive view of the world and to the desire to discover and understand the basic regularities of the events around us. She is constantly developing her teaching skills and is thus looking for a way to best convey her enthusiasm for the field to her students. She completed the two-year project Heuristic teaching of physics in practice, organized by the MFF UK and the Depositum Bonum foundation, and the educational program "Learn to Learn" (ČSTPMJ). Thanks to her professional background, she brings to the teaching a feeling for the selection of essential information and its greater continuity with practical application.

For her, education is not only work, but also a hobby. She is a Certified memory trainer of the first degree, a member of the ČSTPMJ company and occasionally organizes memory training courses for seniors in her spare time.

She has two sons and relaxes while painting.

katarina.ballova@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: monday 10 - 11 am

Mgr. Markéta Bělochová

PR, back office assistant

She graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy of the Charles University, majoring in Teaching for the 1st level. For several years she taught as a primary school teacher across grades. Her specialization is physical education. During her studies, she became a swimming and skiing instructor as well as a paramedic for recovery events.

For many years she traveled as a section leader of the summer camps of the Bulovka Hospital. She led sports and creative courses for children of younger school age.

She is a lover of yoga and gastronomy. In her spare time, she likes to do sports, walk in the woods, cook and bake. Her two small children occupy her most.


Ing. Jan Krivošej 

Teacher of Science

Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague, where he continues his Ph.D. studies and various projects related to this study. Outside of his Ph.D. studies, he is involved in programming in the IoT sector, which includes a variety of tools from hardware to cloud.

Teaching and tutoring have been with him since primary school, where obtaining the titles "of best student in primary school, high school and Faculty of Engineering at CTU" led other students to seek help with their studies from him. 

During his studies, he also managed to win first places almost every time in regional mathematics and physics competitions and get selected for national mathematics and physics camps.

In his free time, he is intensively involved in dancing as well as teaching it. His focus on the so-called "Ten Dance" (five "Latin" dances and five "Standard" dances) requires him to be on the floor almost every day. Outside of dancing, he loves learning new things and travelling.


Ing. Vojtěch Novák, Ph.D. 

Teacher of IoT

He graduated from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, where he also completed his Ph.D. studies. He remained at the Department of Information Technology as a lecturer, where he lectures and specializes in IoT. Additionally, he collaborates with the Department of Information Technology at the Czech University of Life Sciences, where he serves as a mentor for hackathons, trainer for specialized seminars, and a consultant for students' final projects.

Vojta is a significant figure in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in the Czech Republic. In 2017, he co-founded JoTio Tech with his colleagues. The company specializes in IoT across various industries such as industry, agriculture, energy, transportation, and more. He actively engages in publishing activities and securing grants.

He enjoys spending his free time traveling, skiing, or dancing. Despite his busy schedule, he finds time for volunteer activities with the Czech Red Cross, where he serves as one of the team leaders of volunteers.


Mgr. Martin Žemlička

Teacher of Humanites

Martin has been involved in teaching since his university studies, his love of history led him to a doctorate of Czech history (specialization in the Middle Ages: historical geography, settlement history), but fate forced him to Brazil, where he devoted himself to language teaching (English, German and Czech), at the same time he found time to study marketing (MBA) at the University of São Paulo (USP) and spent time creating graphic works in Adobe applications as part of free courses.

After arriving in the Czech Republic he started working as a marketing consultant for small and medium-sized businesses that needed help with the creation of digital content, the creation of online campaigns and the transition to the digital world, which showed business during the Codvid-19 pandemic as key to sustaining it. He is also not trying to leave his beloved history, and in the future he would like to occasionally work as a tour guide in Prague.

Martin speaks fluent English and Portuguese. In free time, he likes to travel (especially Latin America and the Balkan countries), read specialist literature and work on digital art.

He would be happy if the students, who are educated with colleagues, contribute to a better life on this planet without social and above all technical development having to take its toll.

martin.zemlicka@itgymnazium.cz, consultation hours: wednesday 10 - 11 am., thursday 8:30 - 9:30 am.

Sebastian Sedlák 

Student of HTF UK, Teacher of humanities and social sciences seminars

He is studying at the Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University, majoring in Religion and Basics of Social Sciences with a focus on education. In his Her studies focus on LGBT+ issues, safe communication and religion from a religionistic perspective. While studying, he was given the opportunity to participate in research on chronic bullying at the PSÚ AV and to assist in the development of the HTF UK Teacher Education Department.

He enjoys spending his free time with friends, especially in tea rooms. He devotes himself to theatre in the student theatre club he co-founded and to the issue of religion and secular society in the association Czech Humanists, which he helped to found.

In his teaching he tries to introduce different concepts to students and to lead them to work critically with them. What he enjoys most about teaching and working with young people is that he learns and develops himself in the process.

sebastian.sedlak@itgymnazium.cz, consulting hours: Wednesday 14:30-15:30

Mgr. Martin Poch

Teacher of Humanities, poet

Martin graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, with a combined degree in aesthetics and comparative literary studies. For more than a decade he has been designing content of didactic and training materials. He has been involved in the development and implementation of online courses, LMS and educational applications for a wide range of organizations (museums, non-profits, companies and schools). He also worked as an editor of Vědavýzkum.cz, where he focused on domestic and international science policy from the perspective of the humanities. He occasionally publishes essays and reviews in literary journals

With his poetry collection Jindřich Jerusalem he was nominated for the Jiří Orten Award (2014), and other texts were awarded in the Básne SK/CZ competition (2020) or the Dresdner Lyrikpreis (2022). He has published six books of poetry so far. His poems have appeared in several foreign platforms, some of them are represented in the anthology The Best Czech Poems (Host, 2013, 2019).

He lives in Prague, but his spirit is more present in a small town the size of Satalice. And he still plays basketball!


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