Indoor classroom

Inside the school, there are 6 classrooms plus a large hall. Each classroom is equipped with acoustic panels for optimal sound conditions, mobile tables allowing easy arrangement of the space into desired configurations according to your needs. All classrooms have LCD televisions for projection and whiteboards for necessary presentations. One of the classrooms is equipped with an interactive board. Classroom 209 serves as a chemistry laboratory, which can be used for practical exploration. 

Capacity:        Each classroom - 20 persons

Equipment:    High-quality acoustics conditions, LCD television,                                wifi connection, whiteboard, tables, chairs. Upon                                request and agreement, laptops, and a 3D printer                                can be provided.


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1 hour

400 Kč

1 day (8:00 - 17:00)

Architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt

2 000 Kč

Whole weekend 

Eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi

5 000 Kč

* In case of renting for the whole day or weekend, the rental price includes the use of the spaces around the school building.