For our students

We use Discord as a communication platform

We share school materials via G Workspace

We store source code on GitLab, GitHub

The school starts at 8:30 and ends at 14:50 at the latest for the first and second grade, for the third grade there are seminars. 

Climbing lessons with Markéta are every Monday from 4pm at Jungle Letňany.


HUM - Humanities 

SCI - Science

IFM - IT + Math

SAZ - Sport and Health

AJ - English

ŠJ - Spanish

VUE - Reflection and Feedback


#omluvenky (discord) - quick info for us, please also let us know if you want to be connected to the class using videocall

For parents: A pre-generated form in your child's electronic folder is used to excuse absences. And you will receive an automatic notification every week. For (forward) requests for release, please use the mailbox

Permit for students to leave the school area

If you want to be able to leave the campus during breaks, or if you want to stay in school after school, tell your parents to sign a document for the whole year, which commits them to take responsibility in these cases.

School nights

Students would like to stay at school from time to time. It is allowed by the school principal. 

Holidays, events

ŘEDITELSKÉ VOLNO: 29.9. - 30.9. 2022 (čt, pá, středa předtím je státní svátek)

SPORTOVNÍ KURZ: 4.10. - 6.10. 2022

PODZIMNÍ PRÁZDNINY: 26.10. - 27.10. 2022 (st, čt, pátek poté je státní svátek)

VÁNOČNÍ PRÁZDNINY: 23.12. 2022 (pá) - 2.1. 2023 (po)

LYŽAŘSKÝ KURZ: 2.1. - 6.1. 2023


JARNÍ PRÁZDNINY: 6.2. - 12.2. 2023

VELIKONOČNÍ PRÁZDNINY: 6.4. 2023 (čt, pá a pondělí poté je státní svátek)

VODÁCKÝ KURZ: červen 2023 - bude upřesněno